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The Chakras & your human energy system

Evolve With Kendra Soleil

The chakras are a fascinating topic that to be honest…I just never really get over. And in fact, I put them at the center point of all I teach about human evolution and self-mastery because they are the center point of all that is….you. 

You as a human being have an energy system that was was created by the imprint of your soul’s consciousness before your birth. When the soul construct enters a biological body, the pure (or not so pure) white light enters the physical realm and diffracts it’s light into the 7 different colored chakras that we know. These chakras contain all of the soul imprint information needed for a human being to function, develop, and evolve to their next level of humanity.

The Chakras and Your Human Energy System Course begins on April 20, 2023

New content will be added weekly until the entire course is up

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction

1.1 The Basic Function

1.2 The Structure and Movement

1.3 The Soul Imprint

1.4 Communications through the Chakras

1.5 How the chakras impact relationships

1.6 Intro to the human energy system

The Root Chakra

All about the root chakra

Guided Meditation for Grounding and Anchoring

The Sacral Chakra

All about the Sacral Chakra

Coming Soon: Guided Meditation for Reclaiming your creative space

More to come soon...this course is building!!

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