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Meditation is the foundation upon which we build all
conscious evolution


 This course will teach you all of the basics to developing your own personal method of reaching meditative consciousness states and what to do once you get there in order to access your subconscious mind, enabling your inner teacher to speak and bring to your awareness that which is most important for you to understand for your personal growth in the here and now.

The stillness meditation course is an ultimate in the basics and functions of the human mind in alignment with the connection to the body when in the states of meditative consciousness. 


Consciousness Courses


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Our consciousness coursework involves the education around the conscious development of the human being and all that is involved in that process. This begins with the process of meditation-which brings the interconnection and allowance of the mind, body and soul to become one within the whole system...leading to increased awareness, and being in a state that is fully conducive to increase and maintain clarity.

This leads to development, and ultimately evolution.

This is a challenge to detox your mind from distraction and gain mental clarity and focus on your priorities.  

This challenge entails both a detoxification of your mental faculties through cognitive fasting, focus upon the body for health and healing, as well as daily exercises and lessons and/or guided meditations that will take approximately 20-45 minutes per day. 

People that have taken the challenge have responded that after completing it they have a better and more clear focus on being grateful and loving towards well as eradicating some habitual negative thinking patterns! 

Are you for the challenge?

Concsiousnes Courses

Meditation, Psionics & Self-Mastery

With Capt
Randy Cramer

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Learn incredible Meditation Technique, Advanced Self-Mastery Concepts and Psionic Skill Sets like:

Remote Viewing, Precognition, Telepathy, Self-Healing, Psionic Self-Defense and Dynamic Energy Field and Object Programming.

As seen on Gaia TV, (catch Capt Randy Cramer on Cosmic Disclosure if you haven't already!)

This is THE course for developing your psionic skills and the only one like it available today.  

In this course you will learn advanced meditative concepts, merkaba shielding and field programming and psionic disciplines to enhance your capability such as telepathy, pre-cognition, remote viewing and more!

This course has pre-requisites!

Because we want everyone to develop and expand SAFELY, we strongly encourage two pre-requisites for the Advanced Course.  

If you do not have an already established meditation practice please take the Stillness Meditation course FIRST.  If you are an experienced meditator, we ask that you review the grounding series before continuing in psionic development. The grounding series is a part of the Stillness course. 

Psionics Classes

Mini Courses and Workshops

If you want to dip a toe rather than dive deep into our course work these mini Courses and Workshops will give you the taste your looking for....

Meditation Nuance and Consciousness Mini Courses

To be the first step in obtaining

Self-Mastery...leading to all that your soul has intended for you to experience and expand upon your own personal path of Conscious Evolution.  

Being grounded is a concept that is taught throughout ALL of the course work here at UCE. And this is because it is FOUNDATIONAL to living a conscious lifestyle.  

This mini-Course will teach you what it means to be grounded...why it's important to be grounded, how to get MORE grounded...and how to overcome the typical obstacles that come with grounding practices.  And pretty much everything you need to know about your ROOT chakra and how to open it.

It also includes multiple guided meditations to ease you into your grounding practice. 

Mini Courses

Mini Courses for Psionic Development with Capt Randy Cramer

Telepathy is a psionic skill set that everyone has the capacity to accomplish...

and most people do it more often than they even realize!
Through practice you can develop this skill so that it is accurate.
In this workshop Capt Randy Cramer explains the Science of Telepathic Communication-
How it works and how to accomplish it efficiently.

The Telepathic communications workshop is a video series that will teach you all of this that you can complete at your own pace.
AND it includes access to the private social group at UCE where you can connect with other students in order to practice your skills and develop accuracy.

**Included within The Advanced Course for Meditation, Psionics & Self-Mastery

Not sure where to start?

If you are new to meditation and the concepts that we teach here I would always recommend
starting with the basics FIRST. 
The Stillness Meditation Course is your best bet to building the foundations that will allow you to discover the rest of the of the teachings in a systematic way that is the simplest that it can be for you to learn.
Need a chat? 
Book a FREE 15 minute chat with me to discuss your plans or where to start along your path of 


Not sure?
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