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The Advanced Course
For meditation, Psionics and self-mastery


With Capt Randy Cramer 

As seen on Gaia TV

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This is THE course for developing your psionic skills. 

In this self-paced video lecture course you will learn advanced meditative concepts, merkaba shielding and field programming and psionic disciplines to enhance your capability such as telepathy, pre-cognition, remote viewing and more!

The Advanced Course for Meditation, Psionics, and Self-Mastery is THE course for learning to develop yourself for the purposes of increasing your psionic ability. 
This course will teach you all about the merkaba field shielding and programming, advanced concepts around self-mastery and meditation as well as PSIONIC SKILL development. 

Taught by
Capt Randy Cramer 
as seen on Gaia TV


This course is self-paced and it is in a video style format.


The Advanced Course for Meditation, Psionics, and Self-Mastery Course Outline:


Section 1: Introduction/Overview

Section 2: Advanced Self-Mastery Concepts

that prepare you for psionic development to

include advanced Psionic Self-Defense

Section Three: The Merkaba

This section will teach you all that you need to know in order to practice and develop merkaba shielding field technology to amplify your energy field and provide next level defense as well as the ability to program your field for your ultimate function. Complete with a guided meditation to guide your steps.


Section 4: Psionic Skills

This section has hours of instruction and Q&A around

psionic skill development. The skill sets taught in this

section include Precognition, Remote Viewing, Psionic

Self-Healing and Genetic Reprogramming, Programming

Psionic Objects, and a workshop for developing Telepathic

Communication, to include access to the social group on

UCE that will allow you to connect with other students in

order to practice your Telepathic Communications.

The Telekinesis Module is set to be released in 2024!

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