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The age of Aquarius is something that we have been talking about for a long time and over the course of the last several decades.  Pop songs and artists have reflected in their pieces of creation the hopes, dreams and futuristic events that they seek to play out or imagine that it could produce.  

This occurs on not just a macro level through societal change and revolution….and potential rebellion against the systems that have been in place through dogma and social control.  But it also occurs on the micro in effecting every singular cell of the organisms which makes up our complete solar system.  As a unique and important part of everything and a cog in the wheel, YOUR effect on how this world is to adjust, change and advance is needed at this time, as well as the authenticity with which we shall operate in alignment with the hope that your soul is to bring for the purposes of growth of collective consciousness.  


The age of advancement, of technology, of right and interdependent relationships that are equally respectful is of great theme to us during this time on a personal level.  And the ways in which we readily approach all types of situations throughout our day to day will be affected and given a chance to change in the ways that you seek and desire, as well as in the ways that societal transformation will be given a chance to flourish.


The being in which resistance is found towards these new patterns of growth, realignment and change will be consistently stuck in the old ways and in resentment and in old habits of thought and emotion.  They will disparage any new thought that goes against the old programming of the days from when they were young and it is encouraged to expect the unexpected during this time period of shift into this new age and era in order to remain open and allowing to the transformational shifts of personal conscious evolution that are available to you during this time.  


We will provide further updates from time to time as this is not a singular event…but a starting point to the new journey that Mother Earth finds herself and her people upon.  The significance of how this play out for you is important.  Because we as a planet are a collective. We are in this together…like it or not.  And it is of everybody’s best interest for this to play out in harmonious accord, one with another.  


YOU are an ESSENTIAL part of the whole system that we are collectively. 

Your opinion is given and developed within you for your perspective to MATTER. 

And it matters to us and to the world for the congruent energy of realigning for the fullest benefits of everyone involved and the reunification process of collective consciousness to take place for the next 20 or so years…


So what shall we do in order to maintain the flow of healthy transformational energy throughout this life altering time period?


We collect that which we accept and release that which we no longer accept….

We allow ourselves to shift, change and grow according to the soul’s inner pulls, yearns and declarations of the self that it intends to be.  

We develop ourselves holistically, healthily and seek for the reunification of soul in perfect authenticity, love and acceptance as well as tolerance for others and their similar but unique path.


And we do this…

Through meditation. 

And developing the clarity needed to move forward through this time, in acceptance and love with grace and stability, being fully connected to the here and the now. 

The clarity sessions that I provide will help you find clarity around any issue that you are stuck on order to get you moving forward and developing along your individual path of personal conscious evolution.   

You can use coupon code: Aquarius 

to save $50 on a Clarity session with me.

Daily and consistent practices of meditation will provide you the answers from the inside, connect you internally with your own inner teacher who has its plans for the perfect voice that you shall express.  

The being that you are…authentically….is waiting to be heard.  

Don’t hold back.  



Kendra Soleil

University of Conscious Evolution


Om namah shivaya 🌛

The Importance of Emotional Self-Mastery when it comes to Psionic Development

When we are attempting to develop and grow ourselves in any way and for any reason 

or manifest a transition or something new in our lives- and especially when amplifying psionic outputs and ability-

emotional development, healing and healthy emotional flow and stability are ALWAYS a key factor in this process.


It is well known that the third eye chakra is an integral part of psionic development as the third eye, when healthy and amplified aids to provides the "sight" you need in order to perceive that which beyond the norm of what you have previously perceived.  It also regulates brain function and focus which are key to developing any sort of power of the mind beyond what is typical for a human being. 


The third eye development occurs in a systematic way that is as a breath...

As it is the internal eye, that literally sits inside of your brain, it's job is to see realize the self and to allow what is seen to integrate and be known to the external as to manifest that which is internal to you,

unhindered by previous programming and circumstance.


It is when a discord arises and the eye sees something within YOU,

that isn't "matching up" to what is authentic to you and your process

that your progress is hindered, stifled or stagnated...

This is where emotional strain, stress, and negativity arise....and often times the need for healing, awareness and acceptance in some way.

This can be a challenge to work through...but this is also where people fail and stagnate in their growth and development and is especially true when applied to psionics....

And this is where emotional self-mastery comes in...

Because emotional self-mastery isn't just a tool in your toolbox in order to stifle, control and hold in your emotions...  It also has a lot to do with being in tune with them...understanding them...being in tune with the third eye’s awareness, and working with them in confluence with the external energies that you are dealing with in healthy ways so as to steady the vibrational frequency of the emotions that you are experiencing leading to better outcomes and getting off of the karmic cycle rollercoaster. 

And when emotional energy flows in regulation...and in health...this is where outputs can be really amplified and the energy redirected for positive growth, healing and to conquer whatever challenges stand in your way...or to increase your psionic outputs and manifest some serious skills and mind-powers.

Emotional self-mastery is not just an's a lifestyle that takes dedicated focus, self-evaluation as well as the discipline to accept, integrate, heal and release emotions on a regular basis in ways that are helpful and healthy. 

It's having a plan for your emotional health just as you would any other aspect within your life...


And it requires for you to see it clearly for what it is...and release any emotional attachments you have to anything that is contrary to your soul's true expression.

And that's what I'm here for...

To assist in unblocking you and discover your emotional clarity...

so that everything else you are working for can take flight ...


Whether this comes about through learning and studying with the consciousness courses in the works for you today...

or booking a one on one consultation/ intuitive session...

we can do the emotional work required to continue your optimum flow of psionic outputs.

Client Reviews for Kendra Soleil

"I always tell my friends that if you want to things dug out of your soul that you didn't even know were there that they should talk to Kendra."



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