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Happy Holidays from UCE!!

.... are they for you?

A word from Healer Kendra Soleil

Holidays can be hard...

Why is this?

While seeing family and friends, connecting, gift giving and making merry are all of the special things about the holidays that we are meant to and I think for the most part, WANT to be able to enjoy...

Sometimes we just...don't. Can't...or maybe even won't.


In a word or a few...the reason for this being...

Emotional entanglements or ...Attachment.

Familial trauma or cyclical patterns that stir up old feelings and ....

GET THIS...even chakra alignments will and can make you feel as though you have reverted to your childhood state and the status from which any old relationships may understand you or have known you to be.



Because in familial settings or those that have had great influence in our life in any way will allow for the habitual function of the chakra system to revert back to it's old status and patterns as a match or balancing point to others as a survival instinct within those relationships and situations.


This means that even if you have grown in many ways from the ways that you were as a child or young adult, your body and your heart will always remember what it has gone through...and it will often choose the best way of "being" and functioning based off of it's learned memories.


When we see people we haven't seen for a long time, or rather are in their energy field, an auto response to their energy will almost always bring you to a state of being that you were the last time you were close to that person, energetically speaking...


Emotional entanglements or attachments to the safety and connection that you have with this they see you and especially when this person's validation has meant something to you in the ways of safety, provision, and support will amplify themselves and be a challenge to you in many ways...often stirring up the need for the inner child to be validated, seen, heard and ultimately healed.

This is the opportunity.


I always say you can't heal until it's real.

That you can't progress until you give YOURSELF the validation that you need to recognize a specific wound and admit that it hurt...

In order to MOVE ON with your life, re-parent your inner child in a way that is healthy and helpful for you...and to make progress in the evolution that you have experienced, fully integrating the play, fun and wonderment that out inner child provides to us, while healing all of the crap that we'd rather leave behind us.


P.S. This is the PERFECT time of year to heal these things as the inner child often just wants to PLAY and HAVE FUN and opportunity abounds in all of this!



How's your inner child doing this holiday season?

Is it ready for jingle bells and hot cocoa...

or is it in dread of the next family gathering...

 So take the opportunity this year....

Don't stagnate into old patterns...(this will make you depressed)

Take the reigns of your own personal growth...

And let's validate that inner child so you can ENJOY yourself ...and your inner child...this holiday season.

That's why from now through this next month I am offering inner child sessions at a discounted rate.


Use coupon code:


 to get 20% off on all consultations through the end of the month.

Namaskar and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Kendra Soleil

The Importance of Emotional Self-Mastery when it comes to Psionic Development

When we are attempting to develop and grow ourselves in any way and for any reason 

or manifest a transition or something new in our lives- and especially when amplifying psionic outputs and ability-

emotional development, healing and healthy emotional flow and stability are ALWAYS a key factor in this process.


It is well known that the third eye chakra is an integral part of psionic development as the third eye, when healthy and amplified aids to provides the "sight" you need in order to perceive that which beyond the norm of what you have previously perceived.  It also regulates brain function and focus which are key to developing any sort of power of the mind beyond what is typical for a human being. 


  • Available Online

    1 hr

    255 US dollars

The third eye development occurs in a systematic way that is as a breath...

As it is the internal eye, that literally sits inside of your brain, it's job is to see realize the self and to allow what is seen to integrate and be known to the external as to manifest that which is internal to you,

unhindered by previous programming and circumstance.


It is when a discord arises and the eye sees something within YOU,

that isn't "matching up" to what is authentic to you and your process

that your progress is hindered, stifled or stagnated...

This is where emotional strain, stress, and negativity arise....and often times the need for healing, awareness and acceptance in some way.

This can be a challenge to work through...but this is also where people fail and stagnate in their growth and development and is especially true when applied to psionics....

And this is where emotional self-mastery comes in...

Because emotional self-mastery isn't just a tool in your toolbox in order to stifle, control and hold in your emotions...  It also has a lot to do with being in tune with them...understanding them...being in tune with the third eye’s awareness, and working with them in confluence with the external energies that you are dealing with in healthy ways so as to steady the vibrational frequency of the emotions that you are experiencing leading to better outcomes and getting off of the karmic cycle rollercoaster. 

And when emotional energy flows in regulation...and in health...this is where outputs can be really amplified and the energy redirected for positive growth, healing and to conquer whatever challenges stand in your way...or to increase your psionic outputs and manifest some serious skills and mind-powers.

Emotional self-mastery is not just an's a lifestyle that takes dedicated focus, self-evaluation as well as the discipline to accept, integrate, heal and release emotions on a regular basis in ways that are helpful and healthy. 

It's having a plan for your emotional health just as you would any other aspect within your life...


And it requires for you to see it clearly for what it is...and release any emotional attachments you have to anything that is contrary to your soul's true expression.

And that's what I'm here for...

To assist in unblocking you and discover your emotional clarity...

so that everything else you are working for can take flight ...


Whether this comes about through learning and studying with the consciousness courses in the works for you today...

or booking a one on one consultation/ intuitive session...

we can do the emotional work required to continue your optimum flow of psionic outputs.

  • Available Online

    1 hr

    255 US dollars

Client Reviews for Kendra Soleil

"I always tell my friends that if you want to things dug out of your soul that you didn't even know were there that they should talk to Kendra."



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