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The Grounding Series


The Grounding Series-

Everything You'd want to know about your Root Chakra and developing your foundation for conscious evolution


Being grounded is a concept that is taught throughout  ALL of the course work here at UCE. And this is because it is FOUNDATIONAL to living a conscious lifestyle.  

​This mini-Course will teach you what it means to be grounded...why it's important to be grounded, how to get MORE grounded...and how to overcome the typical obstacles that come with grounding practices.  

​It also includes multiple guided meditations to ease you into your grounding practice. 

This course is in video and PDF/Reader Format.

Videos of each lesson that are still pdfs will be completed in the coming weeks.

You can learn, study and practice the concepts in this course in your own time and at your leisure and you will have access indefinitely. 

With Kendra Soleil

Grounding is ESSENTIAL to building the foundation of your personal Conscious Evolution....Here's Why.

Visualize driving your car down the freeway…something happens and you find yourself high centered on the median, wheels floating above the ground with no way to gain any resistance in momentum and get you back and moving down the road….


Picture a lightning rod or an electrical circuit that’s not fully grounded…

The energy will simply come through and splay out in any direction, along the path of least resistance without any real direction and may even cause harm or burn out the circuit altogether.  


This is what it’s like to live ungrounded.  

When we have a lot of mental activity going on in our brains this will cause the third eye and upper chakras to expand a good deal…and when someone’s not fully grounded…ie their root chakra is less prominent than the upper chakras, this can cause imbalance to the whole system…sort of like a tree with roots that are weak.  It doesn’t produce well.  

This is why we maintain grounding throughout all of our meditative practices as a top priority…so that we know that everything we do, learn, or receive through meditative consciousness states are real and accurate.  


Being grounded simply makes everything else work. BETTER.  

This mini-course will teach you how to sustainably expand your root chakra to dig those roots firmly into mama Gaia for her to support you.  

Need Extra Support In Getting Grounded? I'm here to help.

If you struggle with being grounded or if you've been ungrounded for any significant amount of time, this can be a real challenge... I understand.  And I'm here to help.

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Why Grounding is essential
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