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Chakras and your Human Energy System IN PRODUCTION

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The Chakras And Your Human Energy System course is based around the limits and capacities as well as the astounding abilities that the potential of humanity possesses internally and of its own accord. This very system that you were born with can be your source of information and awareness of all that you need to know to grow and develop and to be. In this course we will begin with a brief introduction on what the chakras basic energetic functions are, how they operate, how they move and how they are used as communication tools for your deeper understanding, as well as how they exist and have come to be. We will then continue by examining each of the seven main chakras individually, beginning with the root chakra and working our way up from there. Each section around an individual chakra will have: An overview of that chakra and it’s functions A lesson on the physical aspects of the chakra and how it supports you in the here and now A lesson on practical ways that you can work on that chakra A multi-part lesson on the energetic factors and qualities of the chakra An explanation of the obstacles and challenges of working on the chakra A lesson on how this chakra impacts our relationships And at least one guided meditation that will guide you into the healthy maintenance of that chakra as well. Furthermore, there will be lessons and guided meditations on how to clear, develop, amplify and heal your chakras in a balanced way. I hope you join us! Namaskar, Kendra

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