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Stillness- A Course on Meditation-

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​The Stillness method of meditation practice is simple and easily defined in order to facilitate an awareness of the simple steps that is the process of realizing meditative consciousness states and then to build upon this stable practice through the means of developing focus through the natural style of learning that is unique to your individual personality's learning style. This is done through cognitive explanation of the steps of the practice initially...and then to further the knowledge of the concepts around developing a holistic lifestyle according to your individual meditative experience...and to expand from there into concepts around personal growth and development in conjunction with your individual soul's journey. Within the course, there will also be an opportunity to be led through the steps of this process and to practice them slowly...and easily...through the guided meditations that correlate with each step of the process itself. The Stillness course is worked on at your own pace and on your own time in order to facilitate the groundedness that will keep you moving steadily ahead in your practice, keeping your motivated... while also allowing you the opportunity to grow at your own level and from the status of perfection that you are in the here and now present moment.  The Stillness Meditation course is in an audio format so you can listen on the go and from anywhere, giving you the option to download the tracks as well.  It is also in a written (PDF) format so that you can follow along visually as well.   I hope you join us! Namaste, Kendra Soleil

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