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Stillness- A Course on Meditation- BETA TESTING!

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The stillness meditation course is an ultimate in the basics and functions of the human mind in alignment with the connection to the body when in the states of meditative consciousness. Mediation itself, is a shift in brainwave patterns and it is the way in which someone may open the doors to their subconscious and access the information about not only their inner beings most well kept secrets…but also to unlock the doorways into healing anything that may be lurking in the past, while also enhancing the way you think, process, and understand yourself, your relationships and the world around you. AND it will set the stage for a practice to build ANY psionic skill upon that you seek to develop. This course will teach you all of the basics of how to meditate within FIVE SIMPLE STEPS that can be added to and built upon in order to make your PERFECT meditation technique your very own and to customize it according to your best methods of understanding and learning. The supporting content will continue to flow in for the FORSEEABLE future as this course continues to build itself. At the moment we are in BETA testing status, which means that a good deal of the content for the course is in a written PDF format...while the rest of it is in video. The reason for this being that I want YOUR feedback over the next few weeks to be sure that all of the content explained is getting you where you want to be...and that's its PERFECT before I put it into a finalized video. You will have indefinite access to the content of this course... and can take it as quickly or slowly as is healthy for you and your lifestyle, working at your own pace and asking questions as we go. Namaskar, I look forward to working with you! Kendra Soleil UCE

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