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With literally decades of study, training, and experience in the application of self-mastery and personal development our consciousness team is ever endeavoring to bring you the most practical and comprehensive collection of courses and tools to assist your personal growth and psionic development. 


Our meditation courses are the only ones that you can find for civilians anywhere worldwide that are based off of the psionics training manual from the United States Marine Corp special section, a covert military space program that designs and trains Terra's top psionic specialists.

Meet our consultants below! 




Capt. Randy Cramer 


Capt Randy Cramer served over 30 years in the United States Marine Corp special section, a covert military space operation where he learned military grade psionics from which he has developed his meditation course for civilians. He is available for consultation on matters of:

-Meditation and course related topics.

-Psionic self-defense and dealing with attacks

-Psionic development

-Extra-terrestrial experiences

-Memory disturbances and recall of suspected covert program involvement.

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Kendra Soleil

Psionic Healer and Conscious Life-Coach

Kendra Soleil is an experienced psionic healer, reader, and conscious life-coach out of Sedona, AZ. Her areas of specialty include:

-Identifying and healing emotional blocks due to unhealed trauma 

-Healing from Abusive/Narcissistic Relationships

-Deprogramming cult and religious thinking

-Identifying patterns and breaking negative cycles

-Integration and making step by step shifts

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