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ABOUT UCE's Instructors

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Kendra Soleil

Meditation Instructor. Healer. NLP Life Coach 

Her specialties as a life coach are:

-Bringing out the best You. 

This is my goal here. Not to change you. Not to tell you what you're doing wrong...but to tell you what you're doing right and help you BUILD on it. 

-Teaching and assisting the processes of self-healing leading to self-actualization through conscious awareness and loving and balanced self-mastery concepts.

You can't heal till it's real. We can work through acceptance of the hard stuff together and make life better than it's ever been!

-Understanding you on an energetic level. This means understanding where and who you are right now. I do this by examining your energy system, your auric field and seeing your chakras to science the energetics factors and variables in order to assess the full perspective of the situation at hand. We do it this way so that we can see it the big picture, rather than keeping our focus on the nuanced variables that keeps us from seeing the full perspective. Most healing techniques are very arduous in that they require you to scoop your negative energies out in small quantities, which leads to exhaustion and the desire to give up or feel like the progress that is being made is hardly worth all of the efforts and feelings it takes to process.  With this method, we examine the whole system, and identify the areas in which these issues can be removed in layers. This provides a more cohesive kind of clarity that actually helps you to release and reorganize yourself in a way that helps with making your life better and more grounded and stable as a whole, and provide you with easy step by step instructions on how to do it so overwhelm need not be a factor or an issue. 

-Understanding thought patterns, how they develop and why they can be so difficult to change. Through this understanding we use the processes and techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (or NLP) to teach the mind how to reframe your experience into one that is more helpful and conducive to your overall health and well being as well as train the mind with more clear and positive ways of thinking. 

-Understanding the heart and how it moves, directs us and feels through all of life's ups and downs and transitions.

Kendra Soleil is owner, operator and instructor at University of Conscious Evolution. Her many years of research and experience within several modalities as well as her well rounded approach to the meditative experience present to you the opportunities to understand that path of self-growth, self-determination as well as self-healing leading to the mastery of personal sovereignty. 

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Consciousness Coaching with Kendra Soleil

My Coaching Programs

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" fact, the heart, while always leading the desires of the mind, and communicating with the body on how to carry this out, can be our best ally and guidance. But it is only with the temperance of self-discipline, that we can bring the heart fully into alignment with that which is conducive to utilizing the tools of critical thinking and honoring the mind, while fully respecting the body and its needs.
The heart, while often in the lead, despite the denial many have around this, will also tend to over-step, when there is a lack of awareness of the feelings that one feels and also project onto others. It is through developing this tempered and metered self-discipline of the body and mind, that we can find the wholeness and clarity that may lead to a fullness of the capacity of the heart in it's leadings and development of the processes that will allow the hearts desires to be fulfilled within the perfect timing that is healthy."

About Kendra Soliel

Capt Randy Cramer

Public Relations for the USMCss

Psionics Instructor

Capt Randy Cramer is the Official Spokesperson for the USMCss and is the instructor for the psionics programs available at UCE. As seen on GAIA TV, Capt Randy has a compelling backstory which holds his claims at the forefront of the potentials of the human being's capacity for psionic development. You can learn more about Capt Randy through his numerous interviews on Gaia TV as well as on YouTube. 

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Capt Randy Cramer

Capt Randy Cramer

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