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ABOUT The Experts

Kendra Soleil

Integrative Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher,  Certified NLP Life Coach, Reiki Master and Conscious Living Consultant

With decades worth of research, study and practice of the meditation and self-mastery arts and modalities, Kendra Soleil is a well-rounded and grounded healer and coach.

You find Kendra's work at UCE in the human energy system section of the Beginning Course for Meditation, Psionics and Self-Mastery, the Chakras Course, and the Clarity Program.

Her specialties include: 

-Bringing out the best You. 

This is my goal here. Not to change you. Not to tell you what you're doing wrong...but to tell you what you're doing right and BUILD on it. 

-Teaching and assisting the processes of self-healing leading to self-actualization through conscious awareness and loving and balanced self-mastery concepts. You can't heal till it's real. We can work through acceptance of the hard stuff together and make life better than it's ever been!

-Working through the chakras to science the energetics factors and variables in order to assess the full perspective of the situation at hand. We do it this way so that we can see it...rather than close our eyes and face the feelings. Ick. I hate doing it that way. This keeps it organized AND manageable for your life. 

-Helping you see a broader perspective, the bigger picture, ...or maybe just a detail you missed...Nuff said.

-Psionic Reader's Guidance and Assistance...

Tips, tools and guidance on how to hone your reading skills to get the most accurate assessment that you can. 

-Healing from Abusive/Narcissistic Relationships

-Deprogramming cult and religious thinking

-Identifying patterns and breaking negative cycles

-Identifying and healing emotional blocks due to unhealed trauma 

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