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What is Meditation?

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**In this article we will also discuss what happens within the initial stages of mediation & the integration of self through nuanced focus as well as developing and consciously evolving the self.

Meditation is both a science…and an art.

And it may be approached in different ways that are suitable for whatever kind of person you may be…be that someone who is very artistic and creative in your nature, needing to feel inspired, led and to create from a place of inspiration... as a person that is spiritually inclined...or as someone who is highly analytical and in need of provable facts and information to support that which you endeavor to understand- both of yourself as a human being and of the world around you and how you integrate this knowledge into your daily life and lifestyle.

In learning to understand the self that we are intrinsically and on a soul level, we are faced with many challenges that may arise due to the numerous ways that one may be taught from their collective upbringing. These are due to the experiences they have had through familial programming, as well as from the experiences that they have had throughout their lifetime and up to this point of integration with the self that they know themselves to be and the future self that they desire to grow into and within.

And the challenge is thus: to approach the daily nuance of informational awareness in a way that is relevant, and to balance it holistically with the creative aspects of self- integrating this knowledge in a way that is both functional and reasonable to their position and in relevance to their means of survival and support. Being that the understanding is that of the nuance of detailed information that is wholly natural to the self that is required to accomplish the facets of integration, we rely upon the self for this knowledge from an intrinsic stance and standpoint in order to fully know the self from the inside out, and by knowing the self to fully understand the ways that are most healthy and conducive to the self's path of growth and integration from the stance that they are in at the time of this knowledge...being fully one with the here and now present moment.

The nuance of the focus that is required in order to balance the aspects of self holistically, as well as the

information that we are working with personally is in order to lead one on a self-initiated journey that is balanced, whole and in accordance with the daily lifestyle that is needed to be functionally maintained in order to create stability in the lives of those that choose to grow...that choose to follow their own personal path of conscious evolution.

The nuanced focus that is required to do this is attainable to any and all that seek this information and this relevant capacity to grow, shift and change into that which they desire and/or are meant to become through the relevant acquisition of knowledge of their soul's intention for their life's journey of satisfaction, wellness and growth.

And this is done through the studious learning, focus upon and practice of meditation.

Being in a status of wellness is the foundation upon which we build this practice and will correlatively balance all of the internal mechanisms to find wellness and confluence between the body, heart, mind, and soul. This experience is and can be a somewhat tedious endeavor, in that the being that will undertake this process is in a state of continuance that is in accordance with their situational energy dynamic. Meaning that the ways that energy is in play through their life- in their survival mechanisms, habits, behaviors, attitudes and their relationships will all play a part in developing the process in the ways they will go about this doing this and achieving their most relevant version of conscious evolution for this lifetime and from the stance from where they begin.

At its most basic and fundamental stage of the process, meditation is stillness and it is breath.

It is stillness of the body and the release of the emotional state...into a status of quietude and calm.

The scientific aspect of meditation comes in with the moderate adjustment of measurable brainwave state patterns. Bringing the brainwaves into a state of theta frequency is the most common understanding of how the meditative process is to be brought forth, which is not incorrect... However, in developing this practice it will enhance and realign all brainwave patterns that you exhibit, as it is also in the culmination of the awakened mind state, bringing BALANCE to all measurable brain wave frequencies and patterns, that brings the process of meditation into its fullest fruition and awareness to be both sought after and known through the process that it creates in you.

The artistic element of meditation comes in from what you learn of yourself through this process and through how you choose to integrate that which you have learned into developing the lifestyle that you wish to attain to, in order to fully reclaim yourself...your life, your health...and how you respond personally to the specific circumstances within which you find yourself and ultimately enabling you to create your own living masterpiece that is your abundant life.

The process of meditation is developed through consistency and through regularity. The means by which one will actualize an effective meditation practice is through the dedication that they will give to it...and receive from it. The regularity with which anyone will achieve any long term and sustainable results will arrive at the behest of the attitudes that they will choose around their practice as well.

Thus, the initial stages of meditation will initiate a self-led journey of self-awareness...followed by the ability to change their thought processes and emotional patterns around these thought processes.

The initial stages of this process will also allow for the release of negative emotions, as well as to create space within the mind in order to receive information from the subconscious aspect of mind, which will further allow the thought processes of the individual to shift into a status of well-minded thinking and further the emotional response into that which is more stable and reliable around the thoughts that they think, the physical feelings that they feel, as well as the emotions to be enabled into a status of stability.

In this initial stage, it can lead us to being able to sit with ourselves and being in quietude, with the full awareness and acceptance of all that is…and all that arises.

The initial stages will also facilitate proper focus of the mind…leading to stillness of the alignment with health in the body...and ultimately to make way for the connection to and expression of the soul. This is in conjunction with intense and specific focus towards their individual and meaningful life experience and/or upon their desired outcome.

Which will ultimately lead them to a place in which total stillness can be achieved within the body, mind, heart...and soul.

Practicing meditation is something that is easily affordable in both time and energy to anyone who chooses to do so -and may integrate into your life easily and with little effort on your part and without any sort of drastic change in your personality, ways of being, or within the time structures that keep you busy and reliable in the support of yourself, your work and your relationships.

Oftentimes, when people begin a practice of meditation, it will begin with a short practice of 10-15 minutes per day that they set aside with the intention to relax and rejuvenate from their daily hustle and bustle...and can and may grow into a self-led journey of personal enlightenment should they choose to grow and expand upon this.

This will and can often grow into a lifestyle that is developed to support this time of self-intrinsic seeking and remembering of their very soul's nature. When done appropriately this will happen naturally and without any sort of strain. And when done correctly, developing this practice and/or lifestyle will not disrupt the ways in which they live and operate functionally in their life and within their current reality in the here and now present moment at any time.

This is good news to ANYONE that is of the impression that they

A- Don't have the time

B-Don't have the money

C-Don't have the support

or D- that they need to be anything or any way different than what they are right here and right now

in order to be able to meditate fully or effectively.

The methods by which we teach the concept and healthy practices of meditation at the University of Conscious Evolution are resonant to the structures of wellness, wholeness and health that are the foundation upon which we build.

The Stillness method of meditation practice is simple and easily defined in order to facilitate an awareness of the simple steps that is the process of realizing meditative consciousness states and then to build upon this stable practice through the means of developing focus through the natural style of learning that is unique to your individual personality's learning style. This is done through cognitive explanation of the steps of the practice initially...and then to further the knowledge of the concepts around developing a holistic lifestyle according to your individual meditative experience...and to expand from there into concepts around personal growth and development in conjunction with your individual soul's journey. Within the course, there will also be an opportunity to be led through the steps of this process and to practice them slowly...and easily...through the guided meditations that correlate with each step of the process itself.

The status of wellness that is realized through a healthy, grounded, and dedicated meditation practice is that of a triune that it may and will effectively incorporate all of the aspects of a being until full self-realization may occur incrementally and over time. Being that the body, mind and heart are all to be accounted for in their integration, healing, as well as the ways in which they effectively communicate and lead you throughout your life and upon this journey of personal development and intrinsic growth. This is also to mention that the balance between these facets are and will occur easily, holistically and in a fashion that provides stability for you as a whole being. And from there we are to develop the ways in which we utilize this knowledge to perpetuate the overall health and wellbeing in developing a life and a lifestyle that is most highly and well suited for you as a unique individual.

The upcoming blog post will go more in depth into the many and innumerable benefits that developing a consistent practice of meditation can bring to you and to your life.

I hope you join us and will take the time to develop your own practice of meditation with the Stillness Meditation course here at the University of Conscious Evolution.

Please feel free to drop a comment or leave a question if you have them, and I will take the time to reach out to you personally to answer these.

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Namaste, and thank you for being here!

Kendra Soleil

Om Namah Shivaya

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