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The Benefits of Meditation

Updated: Jul 8

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The benefits that may arise for you from developing the practice of meditation are endless…as are the methods from which you may utilize and achieve them.

Meditation enhances the mind-body connection, connection to flow states and promotes the ease with which you may connect to and remain in your physical body.

When the mind and body are connected and at ease with one another this will also stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system which will cause the body to discontinue the release of cortisol and other stress hormones...bringing you further into ease and into rest.

This will also allow brain and body function regulation to include the brain chemicals that regulate your function such as dopamine and serotonin leading to further decreased anxiety and depression and to increase mood stabilization.

Furthermore, It may heal the body and the energy body, and allow the shift of every energy from that which you have experienced up until this point to either dissipate, heal, or shift into a status of wholeness and gratitude, compassion or at least acceptance for what is and was, with the ability to move forward into what your heart so desires to accomplish, and often to do so in a way that honors the soul and it’s desires, plans, destiny or mission for the lifetime you signed up for and the goals you have within it.

Meditation will also allow and teach you how to access your subconscious mind. This may allow you to get to know yourself on a new and deeper level…revealing to you all manner of energy that is in affect through your life and/or multi-lifetime experience as a soul being...depending on how far you want to dig into and what needs to either be adjusted or healed in order for karma to heal and adjust for you or to function well and be healed and whole for your life and livelihood.

Understanding these things will also allow the heart and the emotions that are expressed from the heart to come into a state of stability, wholeness and wellness as acceptance is found and processed in the mind, and released from the body once and for all in order to achieve this.

As meditation intends to bring balance to the mind and the brain functions as well as to integrate all aspects of them from both directions, culminating in a union that may heal your mind.

This will bring clarity and continuity of thought and understanding, physical health and sustainability, and emotional health and stability. And will perpetuate a person's overall balance of health and well-being and may allow you to fully integrate your experience….body, mind, heart, and soul.

This may also initiate within you the process of spirituality to occur holistically and healthily... 

When all aspects of the self and health are taken into account in it’s development, and fostered to grow from the ground up, this experience happens for you naturally and you may discover yourself in new ways and in a new sense of personal empowerment.

Other benefits of meditation are and may include:

Better health in the body, the ability and propensity to heal oneself, as well as better sleep and neuro-function.

Concentration, focus, patience and ability to stay within a moment alleviating distraction Ability to shift perspective or see more from another point of view

Clarity of the heart and mind

Alleviation of the energies of anxiety, stress, and toxicity as well as the physical symptoms that come along with that such as high blood pressure, body pain and digestive issues. Increased creativity

Improved Memory and recall

Emotional healing and stabilization

Stress relief Pain reduction

Prevention of burnout

Increased calm and ability to flow within the obstacles life presents to you

It may alleviate addiction patterns and tendencies

Allows the awareness, acceptance and ultimately the release of trauma that causes PTSD symptoms

Enhances willpower and self-determination

Ability to handle change better

Better physical and Body awareness

Better communication and interpersonal and relational patterns

Enhancement of problem-solving skills and aptitude

Personal growth and willpower and decision-making ability

Ability to empathize and relate to others, increasing tolerance, patience and acceptance of others

Self-awareness, self-acceptance, leading to conscious self-love

Finding your path towards destiny, if that’s what you're after

Develop a sense of personal security

Self-determination and manifestation of the life you wish and choose

Allows the brain to re-wire itself, shift negative or unhealthy thought patterns and allow you to change your mind and change your life for the better as a result

And an Increased satisfaction in living day to day life…

Just to name a few…

The elements that are found through healthy and balanced meditation may be attained through consistent practice and are much like discovering one puzzle piece at a time that will over time build the whole picture that your subconscious mind might begin to display to you. Putting these pieces together in a fashion that is healthy, wise, and sustainable is done by creating a practice of self-mastery.

When you can see all of the pieces or the nuanced details and understand the energy of the situations in which you are entangled within your life, you may begin to utilize them all as tools to the best practices which will help to sustain you and attain all that you desire in ways that you wish to be, present yourself, and acquire for yourself and your lifestyle.

Your life is the masterpiece that you create. Meditation is the tool that you use to discover the elements that you work with to put all of life’s details together and to enhance through, from and within this process.

As meditation allows you to see all for what it is both internally and externally, this is similar to handing you the paintbrush…or the eraser… to heal, shift, and change that which is either undesirable or unhealthy for you and your life or to simply add in that which you desire to make it better and more suitable for you and your needs…so that you can become the creator of your own experience.

The methods by which we teach the concept and healthy practices of meditation at the University of Conscious Evolution are resonant to the structures of wellness, wholeness, and health that are the foundation upon which we build.

The Stillness method of meditation practice is simple and easily defined in order to facilitate an awareness of the simple steps that is the process of realizing meditative consciousness states and then to build upon this stable practice through the means of developing focus through the natural style of learning that is unique to your individual personality's learning style.

This is done through cognitive explanation of the steps of the practice initially...and then to further the knowledge of the concepts around developing a holistic lifestyle according to your individual meditative experience...and to expand from there into concepts around personal growth and development in conjunction with your individual soul's journey. Within the course, there will also be an opportunity to be led through the steps of this process and to practice them slowly...and easily...through the guided meditations that correlate with each step of the process itself.

The status of wellness that is realized through a healthy, grounded, and dedicated meditation practice is that of a triune that it may and will effectively incorporate all of the aspects of a being until full self-realization may occur incrementally and over time. Being that the body, mind and heart are all to be accounted for in their integration, healing, as well as the ways in which they effectively communicate and lead you throughout your life and upon this journey of personal development and intrinsic growth. This is also to mention that the balance between these facets are and will occur easily, holistically and in a fashion that provides stability for you as a whole being. And from there we are to develop the ways in which we utilize this knowledge to perpetuate the overall health and wellbeing in developing a life and a lifestyle that is most highly and well suited for you as a unique individual.

The upcoming blog post will go into the status of health and wellness that is crucial in the development of not only a relevant meditation practice...but into procuring any sort of substantiated and long-term benefits of the practice and sustainable conscious evolution.

The next series of blog postings will be around to develop better focus and why focus matters in living day to day life.

I hope you join us and will take the time to develop your own practice of meditation with the

Stillness Meditation course here at the University of Conscious Evolution.

Please feel free to drop a comment or leave a question if you have them, and I will take the time to reach out to you personally to answer these.

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Namaste, and thank you for being here!

Om Namah Shivaya

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