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Why Heal Your Chakras??

You as a human being have an energy system that was was created by the imprint of your soul’s consciousness before your birth. This is your chakra system...and it is programmed with all that is you on a SOUL Level. When you work to clear, balance, and care for your chakras- they will not only reveal the deeper parts of your being's inner most desires and workings, but they will also help to amplify you, your skills and your awareness of all that is.

Thus, healing the chakras and uncovering all that their perfect voice is trying to say...will not only heal you and your life...but it just may lead you to your destiny.

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Heal your Chakras Sessions
With Kendra Soleil

In these personalized coaching sessions we discuss the nature of any obstacles you might be facing and strategize together on how to both practically and energetically heal the disparity or issue you face. We will use practical methods as well as tools and tips of meditation in order to discover this and find simple ways to integrate your healing into your every day life. 

Working through the chakras is what I do to keep the awareness building and self-healing processes manageable and stable so that you can make consistent progress on your goals, while still keeping your life in stable order. The soul's progression of healing and evolving the self often come in steps...that if you pay close attention...align directly in the order of the typical flow of consciousness throughout these centers... and if one or more get blocked...your energy- your thoughts, emotions, and biofield dynamic are also going to be blocked in one or more ways. 

And identifying these blocks just happens to be one of my specialties. :) 

If you're not sure where to start...start here...

Root Chakra Session

Sacral Chakra Session

Solar Plexus Chakra Session

Heart Chakra Session

Throat Chakra Session

Third Eye Chakra Session

Crown Chakra Session

Chakra Healing Package
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Want to do them all? 

We can work on them together one at a time,
while I keep an eye on the overall balance of your system as you go....
PLUS-- Buy a coaching plan...get the chakras course for FREE. 

The Heal Your Chakras Coaching Package

Is a series of one hour coaching sessions in which we will discuss the details of the chakra that we are working on for the time being...


During this time with me you will

Discover any obstacles, urgings, or needs being expressed from that chakra,


PRACTICAL tips and tools that you can integrate easily into your day to day


Guidance on strategies for your healing


Ideas for how you can increase or adjust your mediation practice to support your healing and expansion.


As well as any intuitive advice that is needed around this healing from our collective guidance.


And priority booking status...just in case you need a follow-up. 

You will also get full access to the

Chakras and Your Human Energy System course if you don't already


Working with the chakras is working on YOU from the soul out.

Best Value

Heal Your Chakras Coaching Plan



Valid until canceled

7 Healing Sessions for your 7 main chakras with Kendra

The Chakras Course

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