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The Chakras
and your human energy system

With Kendra Soleil

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"A great resource for healers and energy workers"

This very system that you were BORN WITH can be your source of information and awareness of all that you need to know to grow and develop and to be clear on your path of evolution during this time period on planet Earth. 

This is because the nature of development isn't only based on external reaching for information or education that is unknown to you, which is needed at times, but rather there must be a balance of both external and internal awareness that must develop for a human being to be in it’s full state of self-awareness in order to be of affect within their life choices and direction.  And bringing awareness to the internal self, through the examination of the chakras and how they function and what they communicate with you, is one way to achieve this, while allowing the self to lead us to opportunity or to direct us towards specificity of the external lessons that need to be learned in order to reach balance, awareness, and self-realization. The chakras are like your internal road map of how to accomplish all of this. 

Each section around an individual chakra will have:

  • An overview of that chakra and it’s functions

  • A lesson on the physical aspects of the chakra and how it supports you in the here and now

  • A lesson on practical ways that you can work on that chakra

  • A multi-part lesson on the energetic factors and qualities of the chakra

  • An explanation of the obstacles and challenges of working on the chakra

  • And at least one guided meditation that will guide you into the healthy maintenance of that chakra as well.

**Package including this course available.

Furthermore, there will be lessons and guided meditations on how to clear, develop, amplify and heal your chakras in a balanced way, and how to find balance within the whole system itself, bringing a sense of health and balance to your overall existence as well. 


We will do this through multiple methods to include meditation, visualization, physical movement, as well as breathing techniques and awareness practices that can lead to acceptance of what is and provide opportunities for healing and growth from there. 


And towards the end of these lessons, We will discover ways to bring the whole system into clarity around your purpose for being here for this lifetime. 


The chakras and your human energy system course is building from the ground up and new content and lessons will be added every few days as we continue along this journey together. 


If you consider yourself to be here for the raising of collective consciousness, or to be of service to mankind in someway through the transitions that the world is facing at this time…if you consider yourself to be a force of good in a world that needs a refreshed sense of healing and unity, or if you just want to find a deeper sense of security and self-awareness as well as an ability to understand other people better and more easily then this is where to start. Why? 


Because all growth and all sustainable ability to actually be of useful service to the world around us starts with you. And it starts at home. It begins with knowing yourself fully so that you don’t get yanked around by anyone else’s desires or influence over you, and learning the practices and having healthy boundaries to get yourself into this sovereign space. 


And most of all, it allows you to know your true worth and to discover the real essence of you. 


I am really excited for all we’re going to learn and discover together along this journey. 

I hope you join us! 


Kendra Soleil

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