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One on One Coaching with the Experts

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Heal with Kendra Soleil

Meditation Instructor, Healer, NLP Life Coach

Kendra Soleil is owner, operator and instructor at University of Conscious Evolution. Her many years of research and experience within several modalities as well as her well rounded approach to the meditative experience present to you the opportunities to understand that path of self-growth, self-determination as well as self-healing leading to the mastery of personal sovereignty. 

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Psionics Coaching with
Capt Randy Cramer

Capt Randy Cramer is the Official Spokesperson for the USMCss and is the instructor for the psionics programs available at UCE. As seen on GAIA TV, Capt Randy has a compelling backstory which holds his claims at the forefront of the potentials of the human being's capacity for psionic development. 


Meditation and Psionics Expert

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