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Meditation Academy for
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Meditation. Health & Healing. Self Mastery.
Psionic Development

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The Benefits of Meditation are's just a few...

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As seen on Gaia TV...
Capt Randy Cramer's Advanced Course for Meditation, Psionics, and Self-Mastery is available for purchase today!!

This is THE course for developing your psionic skills. 

In this course you will learn advanced meditative concepts, merkaba shielding and field programming and psionic disciplines to enhance your capability such as telepathy, pre-cognition, remote viewing and more!

Energy Update with Kendra Soleil

Energy update with Kendra Soleil! Learn more about the themes of universal and planetary energies at play and how to work with the energy they provide for our healing and growth.

 Join me for a session to get clear on your perspective...and get headed in the right direction with all that Mercury has been working with you on.
Check out the booking page for a special offer

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And Reconnect to your body.

Do you ever just get a little TOO in your head?

This is a great meditation to do when you feel a little disconnected…
Or if you feel like the day has gotten away from you somehow and you just need to just…. Sit.
And be.  For just a few minutes…reviving your energy with rest and relaxation.

This meditation may also allow you to tap into what your body is communicating with you.

Only $5.55 - 

**Included in the Stillness Meditation Course and the Clarity Course

Guided meditation-Relax...and reconnect to your body

Guided meditation-Relax...and reconnect to your body

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Buy $5.55