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Big News!!


Version 2.0 of the beginning course for Meditation, psionics and self-mastery  is almost here! Content on the course will begin to drip feed on 9/9/2022!!

Version 2.0 has more EVERYTHING! 

More content around meditation and the human energy system, more guided meditations, more tools.

A mind is a wonderful thing to master. 


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"Randy's course is the Master Class on Meditation."


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With literally decades of study, training, and experience in the application of self-mastery and personal development our consciousness team is ever endeavoring to bring you the most practical and comprehensive collection of courses and tools to assist your personal growth and psionic development. 


Our meditation courses are the only ones that you can find for civilians anywhere worldwide that are based off of the psionics training manual from the United States Marine Corp special section, a covert military space program that designs and trains Terra's top psionic specialists.

Our main teacher and consultant, Capt Randy Cramer, served in this special program since his youth and is the official spokesperson for the command staff of USMCss.   Alongside his partner- psionic healer and conscious life-coach, Kendra Soleil, their extensive knowledge, passions, and expertise of psionics, self-mastery, and healing have come together to bring you the University of Evolutionary Consciousness, Terran Division.


We truly hope our contribution helps you along your path of personal evolution.