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What's Your Meditative Learning Style?: 


Part of the wonderful system that our planet has developed within its population and most evolved species that regularly inhabits its surface is that of diversity in learning styles... Meaning that people tend to develop their strengths around one method of process and absorption of information or another. 

This diversity is something to be celebrated as it offers the chance for each and every human being on this planet to hold a perspective that is individually unique and needed for the greater balance of all that occurs within this planet's cycles of evolution to occur naturally.

Discover your best learning style and how it correlates to developing your best methods for reaching meditative states of consciousness with this FREE quiz.

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Just a little bit on that... 100 % of Meditators that use the Stillness meditation method

The stillness meditation course is an ultimate in the basics and functions of the human mind in alignment with the connection to the body when in the states of meditative consciousness. 

 This course breaks down the meditation process into 5 simple and easy to follow steps and will teach you all of the basics to developing your own personal method of reaching meditative consciousness states and what to do once you get there in order to access your subconscious mind, enabling your inner teacher to speak and bring to your awareness that which is most important for you to understand for your personal growth in the here and now.

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As seen on Gaia TV...
Capt Randy Cramer's Advanced Course for Meditation, Psionics, and Self-Mastery is available for purchase today!!

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This is THE course for developing your psionic skills. 

In this course you will learn advanced meditative concepts, merkaba shielding and field programming and psionic disciplines to enhance your capability such as telepathy, pre-cognition, remote viewing and more!

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UCE Merch is IN!

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And Reconnect to your body.

Do you ever just get a little TOO in your head?

This is a great meditation to do when you feel a little disconnected…
Or if you feel like the day has gotten away from you somehow and you just need to just…. Sit.
And be.  For just a few minutes…reviving your energy with rest and relaxation.

This meditation may also allow you to tap into what your body is communicating with you.

Only $5.55 - 

**Included in the Stillness Meditation Course and the Clarity Course