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With Kendra Soleil

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The clarity course is designed to give you an all-encompassing view on all that is involved in the perpetuation of the consciousness of all that is…Life- Through examining the 5 factors that make up the elements of conscious existence in the here and now. 

In production with new content added as we go...

The goal with the clarity program is that it will be something that will assist you throughout your day to day being there when you need it…and to help you develop consciousness cycles that are grounded, healthy, productive, stable…and hopefully peaceful and even fun.

Bringing you into clarity so that your life can be what you want to make it. 

The five aspects of personal clarity are: 


  1. Physical

  2. Mental

  3. Emotional 

  4. Communicative/ Relational 

  5. Energetic or Spiritual

In the section about the physical aspect we will discuss healthy and balanced self care, how to communicate effectively with your body and honor its needs to begin building the trust needed to gain the mind-body connection. We will also touch on physical instinct and intuition as well as setting your physical space for productivity and wellness. ( A MUST if you work from home!) There will also be a guided meditation to help you get you connected to your body.


In the section about the Mental Clarity we will get to know ourselves and our own thought processes more deeply and clearly with tips and tools on shifting negative thought patterns, developing better focus, and understanding what kind of programming occurs throughout our lifetimes so that we can see clearly and be free of the constraints that hold us back. We will also discuss ways that meditation will help the brain and the body become interconnected through the mind-body connection.


In the section about emotional health we will discover ways to encourage the heart’s regularity of flow of emotion in a way that is healthy and stable…and how to deal with things from a perspective of love and compassion for all beings, to include yourself. This will help the heart to heal and be able to lead you into more healthy and loving situations and relationships. There will also be tips on loving and parenting your inner child back into maturity. And a few tools on how to deal with your emotions and keep them stable.


The fourth section is about the communicative or relational aspect of personal clarity. This section of the course will include tips on how to make your communication more effective, tips on creating healthy boundaries and what the true nature of compromise means and how it plays out. We will discuss energetic entanglements and how to detangle and dissolve one’s that are toxic…and how to spot them if they are…and a guided meditation on cutting those cords that need to be cut and dissolved.


And lastly, we will discuss ways to integrate and find wholeness within how all of these aspects intertwine, interact and dance with each other in ways that help to create balance and sustainability in all ways of life. In this section we will discuss the mind-body connection, the ego, the nature of intention, as well as how to create balanced and functional cycles through a healthy sense of self-love and respect. Through this your mind-body connection will increase in steps when in practice consistently, and it will allow you to develop a lifestyle and a practice of self-mastery by discovering your own unique and personal process of sustainability and creation.


I hope you'll join us! 


Kendra Soleil

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