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The Inner Circle is an EXCLUSIVE team led by Captain Randy Cramer where you can drop in on monthly group sessions.

In these sessions you can ask your questions and get exclusive information related to current events and Capt Cramer's intelligence from his position as the spokesperson for the command staff of the USMCss.

These sessions won't be recorded or re-posted anywhere.

Join us for regularly scheduled private group sessions via zoon with

Capt Randy Cramer and his closest group of confidants to learn and get your questions answered! 

Admission to these group calls are

included in the UCE All Access Pass

Membership and the Yearly

Membership. Enroll below!

Individual event tickets also sold for a drop in fee.

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Inner Circle Monthly Zoom Calls First Fridays 2pm PST5pm EST.png

Stay informed!

Follow our
ALIEN INVASION UPDATE Page to hear the latest updates

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