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Emotional Healing & Self-Mastery Intro Video

ETA January 2023

-Coming Soon-
Emotional healing & Self-Mastery

In order to achieve a self-mastered life-style, emotional healing is ALWAYS required. Old trauma sits in the energetic body and can create all kinds of blockages and hindrances to accomplishing a healthy and balanced life. This course offers a repeatable process to work through emotional trauma and clear it from your energetic body while setting the goals of how you want to grow and shift and manifest the life you want to live.

The Beginning Course for Meditation, Psionics & Self-Mastery and The Principles of Manifesting are recommended pre-requisites for this course.

ETA January 2023

ESM C Intro

Emotional Healing &
Self-Mastery Curriculum



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ETA January 2023

ESMc Curriculum
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