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Meditation. Psionic Self Defense. Human Energy System. Self-Mastery.

The Advanced Course For Meditation, Psionics & Self-Mastery

Merkaba Field Training. Higher Self. Earth Systems. Psionic
Objects. Dynamic Field Programming. Psionic Skill Development

The Chakras and your 

human energy system

The Clarity Program

Manifestation Mini-Course.jpg

In the Principles of Manifesting Mini-Course we will take an in-depth look on the various tools, methods, factors, and variables that are involved when wanting to alter your reality. 
This course is not a how-to...rather it is a teaching on self-awareness and implementing tools in order to balance your frequency in order to manifest effectively

In order to achieve a self-mastered life-style, emotional healing is always required. Old trauma sits in the energetic body and can create all kinds of blockages and hindrances to accomplishing a healthy and balanced life. This course offers a repeatable process to work through emotional trauma and clear it from your energetic body while setting the goals of how you want to grow and shift into through these next cycles. 

Emotional Healing & Self-Mastery Course

Coming in 2023!!!


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